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Quotes are delayed, as of May 18, 2022, 03:15:08 PM CDT or prior.
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Quotes are delayed, as of May 18, 2022, 03:15:08 PM CDT or prior.
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Soybeans Retreating at Midday -

Soybeans are feeling the pressure from the broad markets, as contracts are down 15 to 26 ½ cents. Product values are also lower, as soybean meal is

Wheat Trading Sharply Lower at Midday -

Wheat futures are trading sharply lower across the board on Wednesday. The winter wheats are leading the way to the downside, with KC 42 to 49 ¼

Cotton Sharply Lower on Wednesday -

Cotton futures are trading 201 to 468 points at midday. The markets are in general risk off mode, with stocks sharply lower. Crude oils is down

Cattle High Tailing It Lower at Midday -

Live cattle are down $1.27 to $1.67 so far on Wednesday. Cash trade has seen a little action at $138 in the south this week, with dressed sales of

Hogs Mixed at Midday -

Lean hog futures are mixed so far at midday, with contracts ranging from 55 cents higher to $1.50 lower. The National Average Base Hog price for

Corn Sharply Lower on Wednesday -

Corn futures are trading 20 to 22 cents lower in most contracts nearby on Wednesday, as the markets are in risk off mode. The U.N. is reportedly

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